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Worship Lyrics InternationalWorship Lyrics InternationalWorship Lyrics InternationalWorship Lyrics International

Over 16,200 song lyrics for your worship service in several languages. Categorized by Languages, designed for all Christians around the world. Many of these songs come with their Tunes/Audio music so you can learn new hymns.

Hymns in: English, French, Spanish, Creole, Russian, Hungarian, Korean, and more.

Features of this App:

– Easy Navigation

– Global search: This allows you to search a song across all the books in the App.

– Local search: Search a song by title from one specific book.

– Save to Favorite: Save your favorite songs into a favorite with easy access.

– Send song’s Lyric to Email: Share with friends the lyrics found in this App via email.

– Audio, Tunes listen to some of the Songs, Hymns in this App.

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