Wild West: A Long Trip – free board game v1.6.03 APK for Android download

Wild West: A Long Trip is an exciting free Board game!
Gather all your family and friends, the youngs and adults, and have fun playing a game in which everyone will be lucky.
Play the board game Wild West: A Long Trip with a small company and a big one, and if you want, try to beat artificial intelligence. Any option is available to you. The maximum number of players is 6. Each character
can be controlled by a person or computer.
The board game Wild West: A Long Trip
is completely easy to play. Wait for your turn and click the roll the dice button. Then the game will do everything itself. Your task is to summon your luck and defeat your competitors in a face-to-face match. But don’t forget that there are always traps along the way. However, they can also help you get closer to your cherished goal of becoming a winner.
The board game Wild West: A Long Trip is absolutely free. What’s more, it works great offline.
If you like games like Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders, then by downloading this game, you have found a great option for recreation and entertainment.
And after you pass this
board game, you and your friends will have a new adventure — an exciting sea journey in search of treasure hidden on a mysterious treasure island, which is now preparing for release. And your prize for winning the game Wild West: A Long Trip will give you a nice bonus in new adventures.
don’t waste your time! It’s time to hit the road!
This is your move…

Download XAPK(70.0MB)

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