More about Quickoffice

The Quickoffice is the app that helps the users to create, access their documents. As well as edit their entire Word, PowerPoint and Excel Documents easily in the respective formats of the documents which are DOCS, PPTX, and XLSX. The aforementioned tasks can be done to the files even if they have been saved in their previous versions.

The feature of the Quickoffice called Word Document Processors allows for the users to have the key components that one could expect to find in the word processor which includes the Spell Check. With the Spell Check feature, user can avoid making fewer spelling mistakes in their documents.

For the remaining applications of the Quickoffice like PowerPoint and the Excel, user can have the tools that they wish to see in the Office app. The app offers all the features of the Microsoft Office that one can access on their computer but they can now do it from their smartphone or the tablet.

The control of the app is also adaptable for the touchscreen which makes it easier for the users to do everything with the Quickoffice’s Gesture-Integration.

What is inside Quickoffice:

The Quickoffice offers the 4 following different elements.

  • Quickword, which is the spreadsheet application
  • Quicksheet, which is the tool for creation of presentations
  • Qucikpoint, which is the PDF editor that is also called as QuickPDF

    Download APK1(13.5 MB)

    Download APK2(13.5 MB)

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