Songbook vv1.24.1 APK for Android

Songbook is a songs lyrics viewer with chords toolkit for guitarists and musicians.
Our chief weapons are:
– Songs lyrics viewer with highlighted chords
– Chords transposition (any song to any key)
– Auto scrolling while playing
– Adding custom songs with advanced chords editor
– Playlists / setlists with songs
– Sharing & Displaying songs on multiple devices at the same time via Bluetooth
– Chord diagrams for guitar, ukulele and mandolin
– Songs database available offline as well as with online updates
– Customizable displaying styles: chords among words, chords above lyrics or at the end of line
– Several chords notations supported: English (“Am Bbm Bb B C Dm”) and German (“a b B H C d”), Solfege (“Do Re Mi Fa”)
– Automatic chords detection
– Custom songs & settings synchronization between many devices, back-ups & restoring all application data
– Sharing songs by link
– Always-on display while playing
– User favourite songs, latest songs and recent history list
– Filtering songs by languages
– Fullscreen mode
– Importing & Exporting songs from / to files or Google Drive
– Social contributing to songs database
– Horizontal scrolling for viewing tabs
– Comments in songs
– Editing any song
– Songs browser with search engine
– Scroll speed adjustment
– Color schemes and font typeface selection
– Saving last chords transposing
– Shuffling songs
– Scrolling with keyboard arrow keys (Up/Down)
– Jumping to next/previous song in playlist with keyboard arrow keys (Left/Right)
Songbook is a tool mainly focused on guitarists, pianists and other musicians, but it also can be used just to view the songs lyrics on mobile devices.
It has many songs with chords on board and its database can be easily extended with your own songs.

Download APK(7.1MB)

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