PIXLS.EXE: Endless Run 2D v1.5.2 APK for Android download

🏃 Another endless runner? Yes, please!
🦘 Jump as much as you want … or until you die.
🙂 Easy to understand. But…
😠 Challenging to play. (hopefully)
💰 Collect coins and diamonds to earn more points! You better collect them all. Don’t let them disappear from your screen. If that happens, there’s a penalty for that!
👨🏻‍🚀 Unlock new character!
🚀 Play missions to earn 💎.
🦅 Don’t get hit by flying objects and other enemies.
⚔️ Bloodlust mode. Collect swords and enter to the Bloodlust mode to kill those angry birds and other enemies!
💀 Do NOT disappear from the screen. Be aware of obstacles! Also, do NOT hit the … Sun? Okey?
🥳 Hope you will have some fun playing this.
📱 Play in portrait mode.
💾 Cloud Saves. Buying new device? No problem at all, your stats are being saved on Google servers!
🎯 Achivements are live now! Play more to collect them all.
🔝 Leaderboards. Compete with your friends! Show them you are the best!
💡 More ideas on my bucket list. Hopefully, most of them to be implemented in the future releases.
🤔 Any ideas welcomed as well as any feedback.
This my first game ever but I kinda like it to play. That’s why I decided to share it with you guys. In your feedback, be honest but… you know, be also tolerant 🙏
Stay tuned for more.
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Download XAPK(17.8MB)

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