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Open a zero-balance Savings Account online in under 3 mins! Use Fi’s cool features to get better with your money — track your expenses, maximise your savings, automate payments & invest in commission-free Mutual Funds 🌟

Fi is a one-stop financial services app that comes with a zero-balance account savings account! It provides everything from hassle-free UPI Payments to a sleek VISA Debit Card with zero FOREX charges. Now, powered by RBI-approved tech, you can also connect your other bank accounts to Fi to see a combined balance & transaction history. Think of it as money management 2.0 for a generation of digital natives 👑

Why try Fi?
It’s an exciting alternative to complex traditional money management.
✓Money insured upto ₹5 lakh✨
✓No minimum balance🤘🏽
✓Zero FOREX markup 📈
✓No hidden fees ⚖️
✓Withdraw from any ATM 💳
✓24/7 Friendly customer support ☎️


Make sense of your money instantly
– Get all your personal finance questions answered by Ask Fi, your intuitive finance assistant 🔍
– With thoughtful & non-intrusive nudges, Fi encourages you to build better money habits 🌱
– Categorise your daily, weekly & monthly expenses to find out where your money went 😇
– Fi’s Smart Statements tell you just what you need to know — in plain English.

Get rewarded for saving money
– FIT Rules: Set fun rules that automatically save for you.
– SIP 2.0: Automate investments into Mutual Funds on a daily, weekly or monthly basis 🤝
– Use Fi regularly to make smart financial decisions, grow your wealth & earn curated rewards while doing so 🌟
– Money doesn’t grow on trees, but with Fi, you’ll discover the joy of growing ‘Money-Plants’ 🌱

You spend smarter, not lesser
– Create AutoSave, AutoPay & AutoInvest rules as you go.
– Smart Deposit: A flexible way to save — designed around you & your goals 🏆
– Instant money transfers: Fi Protocol works out the best mode with zero transaction charges ⚡️
– Fi will auto-create a unique UPI ID for you! Just set a secure UPI PIN yourself, then send/receive cash immediately with BHIM UPI.

Safe & Secure
• Our RBI-governed partner bank hosts every Savings Account & Visa Debit Card.
• The funds in your account remain insured upto ₹5 lakh as per the Deposit Insurance Scheme.
• Fi Secure also gives you state-of-the-art internet security for your money 🔐

You remain in control
– With your VISA Debit Card, you can enable/disable swipe, online & contactless payments.
– Lost/misplaced your card? Tap to order a new one. Or freeze it in-app ❄️
– Your privacy is our priority. There’s no sweeping data ‘under the rug’ at Fi.

And much more!
● No jargon: We will always communicate with you in plain English.
● No clutter: We do the math to show you what you want. Easy-peasy!
● No paperwork: No branch visits, no queues & no tedious processes⏳
● No spamming: We value your privacy & security above everything.

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Download APK(v1.84.2.252)

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