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Best yoga training app for beginners and kids

Workout keep physically healthy kids and also are more likely to be academically motivated, alert, and successful. Give a child you love a gift that will promote success in every area of their life.

This fitness app is one of the best yoga for family with different poses and specifically designed for kids. Yoga workout plan helps to stay fit, relaxing, focusing and developing children’s mind. Physical competence builds self-esteem at every age. Yoga app has different type of yoga poses including fun Animal yoga poses.

Yoga for Complete Beginners has nutrition facts for the children with healthy diet, healthy eating, healthy recipes for kids. Learn popular fitness routines with this kids yoga app. Best home workout app for kids & beginners on google play.


– Helps you keep your cool
– Yoga for Energy Improvement
– Improves posture and strengthens back
– Confidence booster
– Improve Your Flexibility
– Yoga for Better Sleep
– Yoga for Body Toning
– Yoga for Great Legs
– Fitness and health
– You sleep better
– Weight Loss
– Yoga for a Strong Back
– Home workouts no equipment needed

Different Child’s pose can be performed on yoga mat doing different meditation. You can name it a family yoga, toddler yoga, baby yoga, yoga for pre-schoolers, child’s pose. Exercises for kids is a easy home workout & no equipment needed

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